PR Application for International Dental Students

For internationally trained Dental students, Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) is a must-have requirement to be eligible to apply to the last 2 years of the Doctor in Dental Surgery (DDS) program in Canada.

Canada is one of the most immigration friendly countries in the world. The Canadian Government plans to invite over 1.1 Million immigrants by 2021. In terms of standard of living, the United Nations has voted Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. Some of the key reasons for you to move to Canada include:

  • A place to call home – You can safely settle in Canada with your family without having the fear of status expiry as is the case in some other countries.

  • Opportunities to build wealth through Real Estate investments – Canada is considered the safest investment haven. People from all over the world choose to invest in Canada for its political and economic stability.

  • High quality education in state of the art universities and colleges.

  • Affordability

  • Free healthcare – Free healthcare is a right for every permanent resident and citizen of Canada.

  • Free education until Grade 12 – Canada has a highly competitive standard for public education.

  • Excellent quality of life (safe neighborhoods, best schools, community parks, public transportation, great infrastructure, desirable job opportunities, good work-life balance, competitive entrepreneurship opportunities etc..)

If you are a BDS or MDS dental student looking to come to Canada for the DDS program:


Evaluate your eligibility for a Permanent Residency application. Please include this code under Message: DENTAL-0126


We will review your application and call you for a free consultation within 24-48 hours.