Westleaf Story

Westleaf is a company founded as a result of sheer passion to assist students from across the world attain world-class education. The Founders of Westleaf came to Canada as international students and have since graduated with both undergraduate and graduate degrees and have established successful careers in Information Technology, Recruitment, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals. 

Westleaf has coached several international students attain undergraduate and graduate admissions into various universities and colleges across Canada and the US. This success has been as a result of better understanding both the student's capabilities and interest and matching them with the appropriate University's requirements and fit. As a result of success of these applications, we are seeing increased demand from students and more referrals which has motivated us to establish Westleaf in both Canada and India and scale up our best in class advisory services. In addition, Westleaf has a highly experienced team of Immigration consultants who have helped several individuals move to Canada as a Permanent resident and with other critical Immigration related matters.

Westleaf is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has branch offices in India.