Scholarships/ Funding Your Studies in Canada


With strong academic grades and other extra curricular experiences, you might qualify for one of the many scholarship programs  created for international students in Canada. In addition, Masters/PhD students could secure full scholarship for research based programs by working with a professor in the university. This scholarship typically covers the full tuition fees for international students and also provides a monthly stipend to take care of your living expenses.

While the tuition fees in Canada for universities/colleges are less expensive than other developed countries, many international students also choose to supplement their studies through:

  • Part-Time Work

  • Internship or Co-op Programs

Given below are a few scholarship programs for international students in Canada:

  1. Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program

  2. Canadian Window on International Development Awards

  3. CIHR Fellowship

  4. Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program

  5. Industrial Research and Development Internship (IRDI) Program

  6. Trudeau Fellowships

  7. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

  8. Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories Program